Discovery Cove Orlando Tickets 

Orlando, aka Florida’s ”City Beautiful” accounts for one of the most scenic and riveting tourist experiences in the entire continent. 

There are a ton of fun activities and attractions for tourists to witness in Orlando. Find them with Discovery Cove Orlando tickets in Orlando Florida

Discovery Cove in Orlando Florida 

Discovery Cove Orlando, Florida, is ideal if you are looking for a lush and tropical paradise in Orlando. 

Orlando’s Discovery Cove is a nonpareil, highly credited day resort that gives you the richest and the breeziest dive into the tropical culture of the sunshine state of Florida. 

Spread across 14 hectares of land at the heart of Florida, Discovery Cove Orlando covers a lush green belt with palm trees accounting for an aesthetically exotic experience and several aquatic bodies.

It glimmers as radiant as turquoise gemstones during the golden hour, finally covering this nautical marvel as a calming spread of a white sand beach. Indeed a kind of paradise!

However, the aesthetic appeal is only one of the major attractions of this fantastic resort in Orlando. 

All-Inclusive Admission Ticket for Discovery Cove Orlando

This ticket enables you to have : 

  • Swim with the Bottlenose Dolphins
  • Snorkeling among several exotic fishes in Grand Reef
  • A refreshing dive in a sapphire-like Oasis
  • Exploring several alluring Bird species at the Explorer’s Aviatory
  • Explore the real Floridian fauna with the lagoons of Serenity Bay, while you flow through the Wind-Away River 
  • Admission to 3 additional parks in Orlando

Prove you are a brave diver as you plunge into a SeaVenture with this ticket!

What to Expect at Discovery Cove Orlando

When you avail and All inclusive entry ticket for Discovery Cove Orlando, Florida, you can expect to lay back and enjoy a premium Floridan experience that includes the following things to do 

Gears and Amenities at Discovery Cove in Orlando Florida 

On purchase of the General Admission Ticket, you get entitled to the following facilities for this day resort in Orlando, Florida:

  • Snorkeling suits and gear 
  • Wetsuits for all aquatic activities 
  • Shower amenities
  • Storage lockers and Towels 
  • Sunscreen ( Animal Safe) 
  • Water goggles with prescription lenses (On Demand) 
  • Complimentary snacks all day long 
  • Unlimited food & beverages
  • Range of select wines and Beers (*For guests who are 21 and above)
  • Access for Snorkeling at the Grand Reef 
  • Encounters with several exotic animals 
  • Admission Ticket to:
    • SeaWorld Orlando
    • Aquatica Water Park at Orlando 
    • Bosch Gardens  

Food & Beverages 

On purchasing any variation of the Discovery Cove Orlando Tickets you get unlimited access to a wide variety of tropical cuisines and gourmet meals precooked and served fresh at the park premises.  

Enjoy a wide range of signature meals, such as

  • Laguna Grill Menu
  • Laguna Grill Signature Entrèes 
  • Cold Wraps and Salads 
  • Assorted Desserts
  • Kids Meals 
  • Hibiscus Hideaway
  • The Blue Bamboo Bar

The timings of the select meals are as follows: 

Type of MealTimings
Breakfast at Discovery Cove Orlando7.30 am – 10.30 am
Lunch at Discovery Cove Orlando11 am – 3.30 pm 
Bar Service at Discovery Cove*10.30 am – 5 pm
Hibiscus Highway at Discovery Cove Orlando Florida10.30 am – 4.30 pm

*Note: Complimentary Beers and Wines are available throughout various points and bars at the park.

Premium Alcoholic beverages ranging from Cocktails to craft beers are available at an upcharge at the venueAlcohol is only served to guests that are 21 or above.

Please bring relevant IDs to affirm your age at the bars and avail of this facility 

To know more about dining options near Discovery Cove Orlando Click Here 

Other Activities under the Discovery Cove Orlando Tickets include:

Dolphin Swim

Get ready for the most adorably slickest experience of your life with Dolphin Swim at Discovery Cove Orlando, Florida.

With this Ultimate Discover Cove plus Dolphin Swim Ticket, you get exclusive access to a happy pod of bottlenose dolphins that awaits you. 

The experience includes you being one with a school of these friendly mammals, learning about various behavioral patterns of dolphins from a team of in-house professionals, and loads of fun tricks that the dolphins will perform. 

Find more about the Dolphin Swim experience right here.  

Grand Reef 

The ultimate snorkeling experience awaits you with this activity ticket at Discovery Cove Orlando, Fl.

Be one with a school of various exotic fishes and sea creatures and explore their grand reef. With this admission ticket, you cannot ask for better underwater guides than these tropical buddies at Discovery Cove in Orlando, fl.

Find out more about the Grand Reef exploration experience right here.

Freshwater Oasis 

Freshwater Oasis
Image: Zannaland.com

Enjoy the most transparent waters and battle the scorching heat while encountering heart-melting Asian Clawed Otters and Marmosets.  

This activity in the Cove can be categorized as the epitome of green architecture. 

The lush green rainforest canopy, aka the Marmoset Island, right above the clean blue springs, answers a daring call for adventure that happens to be different for every visitor. 

The standard Discovery Cove Entry ticket allows you to enjoy this activity.

Discover more about The Freshwater Oasis to make your trip even more exciting.

Explorer’s Aviary 

A tropical landscape stands nowhere until it proves to be an underwater paradise, with a sky loaded with a flock of colorful exotic birds.

This ticket lets you in on a divine land adventure at the Explorer’s Aviatory. 

If you are lucky enough, you will see, feed, and touch many colorful birds flying around you. 

With the tweets and chirps by our feathered friends, this avifauna proves to be a treat for your eyes and ears!

Serenity Bay and Wind-Away River

While the Discovery Cove Admission Ticket entitles you to an absolute all-inclusive aquatic adventure, it also leaves room for a visit with bliss, peace, and harmony with experiences like Serenity Bay and the Wind-Away River. 

Check out Serenity Bay, the tropical pool at this luxury day resort. 

A relaxing day surrounded by a high-in-class pool, tropical bliss, and palm trees lets the island-like fauna account for true tropical bliss. 

Dive in the Wind-Away River and let the flow of this lazy current take you to all the marvelous attractions at Discovery Cove Orlando. 

Just sit back and let the currents do all the work for you. 

White sand beaches, a colorful aviary, a rainforest, and an underwater cave are attractions you would pass during this calm escape into a Floridian environment.


Image: Youtube.com

With this exclusive ticket, take a deep dive into the blue with this additional adventure at Discovery Cove Orlando.

Have a 45-minute stroll through an underwater house of wonders; your protective gear allows you to come face to face with many exotic fishes with velvet rays. 

With this additional ticket, you can highlight your trip with this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Take this delightful underwater detour SeaVenture, on the top of your trip to Discovery Cove Orlando general ticket and have a completely authentic Floridan experience.

Additional Parks 

With this all-inclusive ticket, you can enhance your Orlando experience with two premium amusement parks on the top of Discovery Cove in Orlando Florida. 

That is, you get admission-level access to SeaWorld Orlando and Aquatica Orlando on the purchase of this ticket.

SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando
Image: Youtube.com

Seaworld Orlando is a premium amusement park with a 360° immersive coastal experience. This marine marvel constitutes many aquatic animals, such as sharks, sea turtles, sea lions, dolphins, and even whales, to name a few. 

With up-close encounters with these animals, educational segments about marine life, adrenaline-stuffed roller coasters, and several live shows, combined with other parks in Orlando, SeaWorld is the ultimate destination for families and adrenaline junkies alike. 

Aquatica Orlando

Heat waves in Florida are no match for this refreshing waterpark in Orlando. 

Tropical scapes, a multitude of swimming pools, lazy rivers, activities including dolphins, basically a complete arsenal of activities have a memorable family-friendly experience. 

When complemented with Discovery Cove and SeaWorld in Orlando, this ultimately delves into the rich Floridian culture.

Busch Gardens

With this entry ticket for Discovery Cove Orlando, you can also access the admission ticket for the Tampa, Florida, and Williamsburg, Virginia theme parks by Busch Garden Orlando.

These vast spread animal and nature sanctuaries allow you to explore multiple animals from around the globe and discover fauna you have never seen before. 

Classically designed on an Asian and African theme, these parks are an ideal choice if you want to compliment your tropical adventure with an exotic safari.

How Long Does it Take? 

While planning your trip, the question “How much time is enough to spend for a day at discovery cove?” can easily plague you. 

Discovery Cove in Orlando Florida is a day resort that offers a full-day peak at Folirada’s coastal culture with many fun-filled activities that account for a full business day. 

You are advised to reach the park at least an hour before the park’s official hours, 9 am to 5 pm. 

Inside the park, you will find many fun-filled activities that are time bound to make your trip to the cove as versatile as possible.

Popular activities like snorkeling at the grand reef at Discovery Cove in Orlando and a swim with the dolphins take around 90 and 30 minutes, respectively. 

Please note to book your ticket for the amusement park at least a full day before your visit. 

Any last-moment cancellations should be made by 1.30 pm on the day of your visit.

Name of ActivityEstimated Time Needed
Arrival on the day of the visitAdvised: 7.30 am to 8.30 am
Dolphin Swim Fixed: 30 minutes 
Grand Reef Snorkeling Appx: 30-60 minutes
Ray Feeding Appx: 20 minutes 
Lazy River Appx: 30 minutes/lap
Aviary Appx: 30 minutes
Functioning Hours Fixed: 9 am to 5 pm

Other leisure activities like sunbathing, exploring, and food & beverages vary from tourist to tourist. 

Click Here to learn about the timings of various meals served in the park.

Discovery Cove Orlando Tickets s 

The Discovery Cove Orlando Park offers 4 Variations under their Admission ticket

Each variation accounts for Multiple activities and access to other parks in Orlando. 

The Variations are as follows: 

cheapest tickets for discovery cove Orlando

Discovery Cove Day Resort + 2 parks  

The Discovery Cove Day Resort- Non + 2 Parks ticket is the most economical option, allowing you to enjoy a fulfilling Discovery Cove experience while being pocket-friendly.

This admission ticket allows you to explore most of the attractions at Discovery Cove in Orlando with access to the tickets for 2 other parks at Orlando, SeaWorld, and Aquatica

Note: The 30-minute swim with the dolphin option is not included in this variation 

Discovery Cove Orlando Discount Tickets

Discovery Cove Day Resort + 3 parks  

The Discovery Cove Day Resort- Non + 3 Parks ticket is the most economical option, which allows you to enjoy a rejuvenating trip to Orlando.

This admission ticket allows you to explore most of the attractions at Discovery Cove in Orlando with access to the admission tickets of 3 other parks at Orlando: SeaWorld, Aquatica, and Busch Gardens.

Note: The 30-minute swim with the dolphin option is not included in this variation 

Discovery Cove Orlando Combo Tickets 

Discovery Cove Day Resort + Dolphin Swim + 2 parks 

The Discovery Cove Day Resort- Non + Dolphin + 2 Parks ticket gives you complete access to enjoy every activity at Discovery Cove Orlando with Admission tickets to 2 other parks in the city, SeaWorld and Aquatica.

This ticket includes 30 minutes of swimming and snorkeling with the bottlenose Dolphins. 

Discovery Cove Day Resort + Dolphin Swim + 3 parks 

The Discovery Cove Day Resort- Non + Dolphin + 2 Parks ticket gives you complete access to enjoy every activity at Discovery Cove Orlando with Admission tickets to 3 other parks in the city: SeaWorld, Aquatica, and  Busch Gardens.

This ticket includes 30 minutes of swimming and snorkeling with the bottlenose Dolphins.

The Tickets Include 

  • Full-Day Admission at Discovery Cove Orlando
  • Entry Ticket for SeaWorld Orlando (Depending upon ticket variation) 
  • Entry Ticket for Aquatica Orlando (Depending upon ticket variation) 
  • Entry Ticket for Busch Gardens (Depending upon ticket variation) 
  • Dolphin Swim (Depending upon ticket variation) 
  • Access to Grand Reef 
  • Access to Explorer’s Aviary 
  • Access to the Freshwater Oasis
  • Access to Wind-Away River 
  • Access to Serenity Bay 
  • Unlimited Foods and Beverages 
  • Unlimited Snacks 
  • Swimming Gear (Complimentary) 
  • Snorkeling Gear (Complimentary) 
  • Complimentary Amenities ( Towels, Sunscreen, Utility Lockers, etc ) 
  • Full-day self-parking at the Discovery Cove parking lot

Not Included

  • Parking at SeaWorld 
  • Parking at Aquatica 
  • Parking at Bosch Garden

Discovery Cove OrlandoTicket Prices

Ticket TypePrice
Discovery Cove Day Resort + 2 Parks $250
Discovery Cove Day Resort + 3 Parks $268
Discovery Cove Day Resort +Dolphin Swim + 2 Parks $341
Discovery Cove Day Resort +Dolphin Swim + 3 Parks $359

How the online ticket works

You get this ticket right on your registered email id/mobile number instantly after booking the experience. 

You must book the ticket 24 hours before visiting.

Show your e-ticket at the check-in point at the Discovery Cove resort and get your entry approved by the check-in staff. 

Things to Know 

  • Swift Delivery 
  • Smartphone Ticket accepted 
  • Wheelchair friendly 

Why are Online tickets better for Discovery Cove Orlando?

Why are Online tickets better for Discovery Cove Orlando
Image: Etsy.com

In this day and age, travel is all about convenience. When you book online tickets for Discovery Cove Orlando, you choose modern-day convenience.

You must book the online tickets for Discovery Cove at least a day before your visit; hence, physically booking them leads to unwanted redundancy.

It’s better to get tickets and add-ons at cheaper rates and in the comfort of your home than physically standing in the scorching heat of Orlando and waiting for your turn.

It is far easier to optimally plan your trip when your show aligns with the time slot of your preference; online booking makes that possible.

Many attractions at the park tend to have limited or exclusive access to their tickets. Hence, booking tickets early for your preferred attractions at Discovery Cove helps you omit any last-minute hassles or disappointments.

Ticket FAQs

Is visiting Discovery Cove Orlando worth the money?

With The All-Inclusive Discovery Cove ticket, you get to spend a refreshing day and battle the heat of Orlando with many aquatic adventures and snorkeling besides various exotic creatures. You also get access to the admission ticket for 2 other parks in Orlando.

It accounts to be a wholesome experience that is worth every penny.

What is the best time to visit Discovery Cove Orlando?

The best season to visit this ever-so-rejuvenating and one-of-a-kind amusement park in Orlando lasts 8 months, i.e., from summer to winter. The warmer the weather, the more refreshing the experience.

May-October is considered golden for visiting this tropical marvel in Orlando, Florida.

For how long do you swim with the dolphins at Discovery Cove?

The Swim with the Dolphin activity is a 30 to 45-minute-long activity that can be accessed by the check-in counters at Discovery Cove Orlando or with this general ticket.

During this time, you get to swim beside the tropical bottlenose dolphins as advertised and see cool tricks performed by them, with several in-house trainers educating you about various behavioral patterns of these marine bundles of joy.

Can you reschedule a ticket for Discovery Cove?

The Discovery Cove Day Resort- Non-Dolphin Interaction Pack cannot be rescheduled. Given the nature of activities planned in alignment with the number of guests involved, rescheduling the ticket becomes tedious.

However, any cancellations, if required, must be done by 1.30 pm on the day of your visit.

How many parks can you visit with Discovery Cove in Orlando?

With the Discovery Cove Day Resort- Non-Dolphin Interaction Pack, you get complete all-day access to Discovery Cove Orlando and individual Admission tickets to SeaWorld Orlando and Aquatica Waterpark Orlando. 

With these parks, you can make your trip to Orlando a refreshing experience, loaded with exotic animals, fun rides, and an ultimate delve into the sunny Floridian culture.  

Featured Image: Facebook.com/DiscoveryCove

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