Aquatica vs Discovery Cove 

Aquatica and Discovery Cove are both unique water and activity parks that Seaworld Orlando owns. 

Aquatica or Discovery Cove offers many fun-filled activities for families to enjoy, experience, and have a tremendous Floridian experience.

Is Discovery Cove better than Aquatica or vice versa? Look at the following Aquatica vs Discovery Cove and learn the difference between Discovery Cove and Aquatica.

Discovery Cove or Aquatica- Rides 

Discovery Cove or Aquatica Rides
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Rides at Aquatica are classic waterpark rides that will help you beat the heat on a typical summer afternoon. 

Some of the rides are Reef Plunge, Riptide Race, Tassie’s Twisters, and many more to make your day at the park more exciting. 

While activities at Discovery Cove are far more immersive and experiential as compared to Aquatica

The activities here make you feel one with Floridian fauna and wildlife. 

With the Activities like Explorer’s Aviary, Freshwater Oasis, Grand Reef, and Dolphin Swim you delve into a new realm of a larger-than-life exotic experience. 


Aquatica has a ton of bars, mini food marts, and in-park Restaurants for guests to explore and eat from.

Visitors have the option to buy a huge variety of Snacks, beverages, alcoholic drinks, and food throughout the park.

While just on the purchase of the entry ticket at Discovery Cove, you get unlimited access to food and beverages throughout the park whenever you want on the day of your visit. 

The food is dressed as per several cool tropical themes and offers authentic exotic experiences.  

Relaxing Activities 

Besides the option of having a sun bath on the lounge chairs by the poolside and exotic treats, Aquatica also houses a Lazy River at Loggerhead Lane; all you have to do is sit back and float away. 

Discovery Cove hosts various lounges within its premises for you to lay back and feel the sun against your skin. 

Besides the Seinity Bay and Windaway River situated in the park, you get to chill all day long beside an exotic white sand beach or a lazy river that circles the entire park.

These activities are perfect for families hunting for an authentic exotic getaway.

Activities for kids 

Aquatica offers many activities for kids with sandy beaches and water play areas to have a great day at the park. 

Turi’s Kids Cove consists of several watering palms, tipping buckets, spraying jets, and the latest Tamariki Twirl water slide with a pint-sized half pipe designed just for your little ones.

On the other hand, Discovery Cove offers many immersive activities that the whole family can enjoy together, including fun guided activities for kids only under adult supervision.

Interaction with Animals 

On the Reef Plunge at Aquatica Waterpark Orlando, you can slide past Commerson’s dolphins, leopard sharks, sardines, and other cold-water fish.

You also get to swim past the Commerson’s Dolphins in their ever-so-playful nature.

While in Discovery Cove most activities involve some amount of animal interactions within them.

Discovery Cove has a lot of open habitats where you interact and feed with various fishes, mammals, and birds. 

Some of the animals at Discovery Cove are marmosets, flamingos, bottlenose dolphins, otters, parakeets, stingrays, and even sharks.

Aquatica Vs Discovery Cove- Conclusion 

So if to choose Aquatica or Discovery Cove? We think the clear winner is…

Discovery Cove, while Aquatica Waterpark in Orlando, gives the look and feel of a classic full-fledged waterpark that offers water slides, good food, and fun activities.

On the other hand, Discovery Cove offers a much more immersive experience.

Their USP is their experiential style, giving the guests a perfect exotic vibe and a true Floridian stay.

Those looking for adventure, thrill, serenity, fun, and pure tropical bliss shall choose Discovery Cove immediately. 

It is fair to say that Discovery Cove has the upper hand in the battle of Aquatica vs Discovery Cove. 

See if Discovery Cove can go two for two up against our next contestant Seaworld Orlando.

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