Discovery Cove vs Seaworld

Seaworld Orlando is the mother park in Orlando, Florida, having many subsidiary parks under its banner.

Discovery Cove, Aquatica Waterpark, and Seaworld are all subsidiaries of SeaWorld Orlando. 

Seaworld Orlando and Discovery Cove Orlando both offer an authentic Floridian experience, with various species of Animals to interact with, Several Water based rides, Adventure Activities, Tropical food, and more.

If you are thinking, is Discovery Cove better than Seaworld or vice versa, look at the following Discovery Cove vs Seaworld Comparison and learn the difference between Discovery Cove and Seaworld.

Activities for Kids 

In the debate about Discovery Cove vs Seaworld, the top qualifying aspect for parents and families planning their trip is the attractions and engagement of their children. 

Both parks offer many activities for children to participate in and enjoy. 

Discovery Cove offers activities like the Wind away river and serenity bay, where children can enjoy fun-filled aquatic activities. However, adult supervision at all times is a must. 

While on the other side, Seaworld Orlando provides activities like Sesame Street Land, where kids can have iconic-themed water slides and get clicked with their favorite Sesame Street characters.

Both parks offer interactions with different types of tropical animals and an educational scope to learn about these animals for both kids and adults alike. 

So be it Discovery Cove or Seaworld, both parks offer exciting activities for kids to enjoy

Dining at the Parks 

Dining at Seaworld gives you a variety of amusement park dishes like pizzas and other exciting Mediterranean items on purchasing the most affordable packages like dining deal packages and more. 

While just on the purchase of the entry ticket at Discovery Cove, you get unlimited access to food and beverages throughout the park whenever you want on the day of your visit. 

The food is dressed as per several cool tropical themes and offers authentic exotic experiences.  

Discovery Cove or Sea World- Rides 

At Seaworld, you have a ton of roller coasters and other theme-based rides like the Kraken, ice breaker, and Elmo’s Choo-choo train. 

You can access all of these rides at various locations at the park.

While at Discovery Cove there are various attractions for you to explore. Each attraction is based on a classic tropical theme and at least takes a minimum of 20 minutes to explore completely. 

You get to completely immerse yourself in parallel habitats and be one with wildlife in attractions like The Grand Reef, Explorer’s Aviary, and the Freshwater Oasis.

While Seaworld offers a classic waterpark vibe, The attractions at Discovery Cove are far more immersive and experiential. 

Animal Interaction 

Animal Interaction
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Both Seaworld and Discovery Cove offer many opportunities to interact with many tropical animals that would give you an authentic Floridian experience. 

Seaworld offers specially designed enclosed centers where visitors can feed Stingrays and dolphins. 

Discovery Cove has a lot of open habitats where you interact and feed with various fishes, mammals, and birds. 

Some of the animals at Discovery Cove are marmosets, flamingos, bottlenose dolphins, otters, parakeets, stingrays, and even sharks.

Shopping and Mementos 

Seaworld Orlando hosts a ton of merch stores and supply stores throughout the park.

The park also hosts a build-a-bear store for kids to make and take teddy bears from the park. 

Discovery Cove has two stores for merchandise and mementos in their park, with several small beach shops around the park to access supplies and snorkeling gear for the park activities. 

Discovery Cove or Seaworld- Conclusion 

So in the debate Discovery Cove vs Seaworld, what we conclude is…

Seaworld Orlando is a 360-degree water park that offers guests great activities, rides, food, and an overall larger-than-life theme park experience. 

Kids at Seaworld have a lot to look forward to and will surely not feel bored or out of place for a second. 

Discovery Cove, on the other hand, offers a much more immersive experience.

Their USP is their experiential style, giving the guests an ideal exotic vibe and a true Floridian stay. 

Those looking for adventure, thrill, serenity, fun, and pure tropical bliss shall choose Discovery Cove immediately. 

It is fair to say that Discovery Cove has the upper hand in the battle of Discovery Cove vs Seaworld. 

See if Discovery Cove can go two for two up against our next contestant Aquatica Waterpark. 

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